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Concrete Wood Vinyl Siding

A quality vinyl siding panel will last as long as you own your home and longer-bringing years of maintenance-free enjoyment, beauty and value. In addition to the availability of the right vinyl siding color scheme for your home, there are other features to look for in a siding panel that will ensure peace of mind in the years to come.

  • Reinforced nail hem (vinyl siding is hung, not nailed on tightly. Nail hems need to be strong so they do not tear).

  • Interlocking nail hems (locks panels together for straighter walls and stronger wall holding power).

  • Extra PVC in nail hem for stronger, straighter wall.

  • Vents (at least every 12 feet) to resist moisture behind panels.

  • Non-recycled vinyl.

  • Designed and manufactured to resist fading, chalking, dents and warping.

  • Lifetime warranty on materials and installation.

  • Color is manufactured into the vinyl panel.

  • Trim options (allows flexibility to custom finish your home and keeps quality consistent).

  • Thicker panel (more wall strength and insulating qualities).

  • Insulation board used behind the siding, at least 3/8" thick (helps insulate home) Look to see if an ENERGY STAR® rated board that is treated to resist mold and insects.

  • Proper vinyl siding installation. No matter the vinyl siding quality, if the company does not install your siding properly it will not perform as it should. Be sure the siding company you select installs your siding using the methods recommended by the Vinyl Siding Institute.